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Retro Gaming Case 3.0™

Keep your new iphone protected when you use this cool retro gaming case. Made of high quality material and has over 35 games to play. This case is durable and protects your iphone from scratches, dust, shocks and damages. 

Turn The Back Of Your iPhone Into a Gameboy!

NEW Silicon Matte Finish

✔️Feel the revolutionized NEW Silicon Matte Finish that you MUST FEEL.

✔️The NEW technology provides a non-perspirant grip for the best gaming experience.

✔️Enjoy your NEW Retro gaming Case™ case comfortably in the palm of your hand.

360° Bumper Protection

Retro Gaming Case™ 3.0 has even MORE cushion than before! 

✔️Retro Gaming Case™ provides full bumper protection for the ultimate protection.

✔️The new bumpers have been tested from multiple 6 foot drop tests & ensures your smartphone is FULLY PROTECTED.

✔️Never worry about shattering the front or back of your phone AGAIN with your new Retro Gaming Case™.

Gaming Controls & Directions

Retro Gaming Case 3.0™ Has 12 hour Battery Life!

✔️Enjoy up to 12 hours of playing some of your favorite classics!

✔️We guarantee the highest quality for our best customers.


Removable Screen Protector

PLEASE REMEMBER to peel of the pre-installed screen protectors


✔️There are NO SCRATCHES on your screen, it is the plastic covering. 

✔️Screen protectors are installed & put on for EXTRA protection & to ensure the screen to your new Retro Gaming Case 3.0™ 

USB Type-A Charging

✔️Retro Gaming Case™ supports Micro USB charging 

✔️Recommended charging time: 90 minutes

✔️Enjoy up to 12 hours of NON-STOP gaming all on the back of your phone!
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