Embraced Flower Vase

Sale price$65.95 USD

Style: Polka dot

Intertwined in eternal grace, the Embraced Flower Vase embodies boundless affection and love, tenderly crafted to complement the blossoms of your heart's desires.


  • Symbolizes eternal love and affection
  • Crafted with premium materials for durability
  • Exquisite design for a heartwarming touch
  • Adds a charming touch to any home decor
  • Material: Porcelain
  • Brand: Bluerem
  • Made in USA
  • Size: 12.5cm x 10.3cm x 18.5cm, 
  • 20cm x 5.7 x 20.4cm
  • Spread love and warmth with this unique vase. 
  • Ideal gift for anniversaries, weddings, or special occasions